Strong Guys

by Paper Monsters

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released February 24, 2010



all rights reserved


Paper Monsters Knoxville, Tennessee

Guitar | Vocals

Guitar | Backups


Drums | Rainstick

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Track Name: Strong Guys
What is this like, "Strong Guys" or something like that?
Track Name: Grave Digger
I'll take every word I ever said to the grave with me
Etched forever on this tombstone where I lay
You can tell my mom "Not to cry"
Because it's not my funeral just yet.

Where's your heart?
It's on your sleeve?
Fuck you heart.

Schedule in your planner, the day that you will die
You Forget the most important thing
To live your fucking life.
I'll take what's mine, my best friends and family.
You can take your entire world and sacrifice the heart.
Track Name: Don't Be A Hero
My best friends are all dead and craving brains, but as for me?
I'm a one-man-team zombie killing machine.
Back in the day we used to all go swimming
Ride on our bikes and explore new cities
But now they're all worthless and boring and stubborn
For what it's worth I just want to have fun.

I'm tired of this game of hide-and-go-seek

Sleep all day
Survive by night
This game is getting old now
And I'm growing tired
Can't you see it's not the life for me.

I just want to play video games all day
instead of constantly searching for brains
It's the quick and the dead
I'm severing heads
So prepare to meet your maker
This life is over-rated
So I'll keep contemplating
Throwing in the towel and hanging out with my best friends.

I just want to be part of the gang again.

Eating brains with my best friends
Never thought we'd be on the same side again.
Track Name: Eighty Four
I wish that I could rip the conscience from my head
And display it on a screen for everyone to see
What the hell is really going on inside my head
Because I know I never really had the guts to speak my mind.

Chin down to show that I am weak.
I'm starring at the ground, as I move I sink
I'd hate to tell what I keep deep down
So I'll leave it on my chest as I drown.

Last night I stayed up way past 3.
My flowing conscience prevented me from getting sleep.
Theres a light on the porch tonight that makes me stare..
What the hell am I doing with my life and who will care?
Track Name: Jultagi
Never before have I felt so fucking worthless
Walking on these tight ropes in my life.
Just one time I wish that I could get the upper hand.

I'll take this city for the thrill.

I'll try to write sound words that keep me sane
But I know, just words alone won't change a thing.
We all know how our words can leave cheap scars
But somehow we still manage to cut too deep.

I need to ditch this rut that I've been in.
Can't help but circle back to the past to figure out whats wrong.
I can't help but compare my life to my friends.
We all know our words can cause cheap scars and no one is concerned.
Track Name: Stillwell Angel
These crowded campus sidewalks
Bring discomfort to my life
Spark the thoughts of the severed friendships
Over time

My mind can't help but roam
As my body slowly strolls
Through the shadows all alone

I'll pace around and look down at my cell phone.
It's the same screen it was a minute ago.
And for me, just tells the time.

Some random girl just smiled at me.
I smiled back.
I wonder what she's thinking.
Does she think I'm cute?
Does she want to talk with me?
Or.. am I just overthinking?

Me and my friends are fine with these scars.